Glocknerkönig questions & answers

Below all the answers to your questions.

Before arrival

Entry fee for all categories:

  • The first 100 entries (Ultra & Classic & Light ) at the "early bird" price of 42,00 EUR
  • Entry fee for payment until 31.12.2022 52,00 EUR
  • Entry fee for payment until 28.02.2023 62,00 EUR
  • Entry fee for payment until 30.04.2023 69,00 EUR
  • Entry fee for payment until 31.05.2023 79,00 EUR
  • Late entries (on site at the race office) 89,00 EUR

The following services are included in the entry fee:

  • Best possible course security/event organization
  • Professional timekeeping by Datasport
  • free start gift
  • Total closure of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road (from the cashier's office in Ferleiten from 7:00 to 10:30 a.m.)
  • Professional medical service by the Red Cross
  • Breakdown service by Sport 2000 Simon (spare parts have to be paid by yourself)
  • Food voucher for the noodle party on Saturday 
  • Supervised refreshment point with water and isotonic drink on the course
  • Freshly baked Kaiserschmarrn and tea at the finish line
  • Cups / medals and prizes for the first three of each class
  • Cups / medals as well as prizes for the best 3 teams
  • Start number as a souvenir
  • Finisher medal for each participant
  • Massage to loosen up the calves
  • Clothes bag incl. transport to the finish

If you are unable to participate in the race due to injury or illness, please send us a medical certificate.
After verification you will receive a credit for the participation in the next year (carryover only possible once for the following year).
Please send documents to:

There is no right of cancellation, a cancellation of your registration is not possible.
Should you not be able to participate in the race due to injury or illness, please send us a medical certificate.
After verification you will receive a credit for the participation in the next year (transfer only possible once for the following year).

Please send your voucher to
We will write you what to do next.

Please send us an email to with your change request.
Please note: The Ultra distance is limited to 700 participants.

Note: If you are registered in a team, the whole team has to change the distance.

Registrations for the team ranking must be made via the team registration:

  • On the Datasport page, select "Team Ranking".
  • Click on "Add teams" at the top right
  • Register all participants and follow the instructions on the screen

If the people are already registered individually, please send an email.
In this mail please list the desired team name and all names of the team members (incl. date of birth).

Please send all entries and corrections to by Friday 02.06.2023 12:00 at the latest.
On Saturday 03.06.2023 there is the possibility of a team formation or change on site.

Yes, all team members must race in the same category for team scoring to be possible.

A team consists of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 people who ride the same category.
For the team ranking the four best in the team are evaluated.

You can find all hosts in the region #bruckfusch >> HERE <<

Cycling Adventures organizes a road bike trip to the Glocknerkönig 2023. Here like-minded people meet to prepare together for the Glocknerkönig.

There are guided tours in different speed groups.
All information can be found >>HERE<<

Yes, the Glocknerkönig takes place in all kinds of weather - even when snow falls on the mountain. Exception: The road must be closed by the operator for safety reasons.

Corresponding weather information is available in the starting area via the loudspeaker system. Everyone can then decide for themselves whether they want to take part. A refund of the participation fee is not possible.

Weather forecasts are provided by online weather services days in advance. In the last years it turned out several times that such general weather services mostly informed superficially or even wrongly. Please inform yourself about the weather exclusively via this website. The forecast is made by local weather services as well as by mountain-experienced locals. A serious forecast for the high mountains is possible at the earliest on Saturday before the race.

Glocknerkönig merchandise from previous years can be purchased online on our website.

The new 2023 collection is only available from the race weekend and is - with the merchandise from previous years - available in the merchandise tent. 

This is open on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and is located directly in front of the race office.
On Sunday, the merchandise tent will be stationed at the music pavilion in Bruck for strolling before and during the award ceremony.

The safety of our participants is our top priority.

As things stand, there are no official Covid restrictions or requirements.

Should this change, the Covid-19 regulations in effect at the time of the event must be followed.

No e-bikes are permitted at the Glocknerkönig.
There will be controls at the start and finish area and during the race.
Participants with an e-bike will be disqualified on the spot and taken out of the race.
The entry fee will not be returned.

At the Glocknerkönig all types of bikes are allowed except e-bikes.
You are welcome to participate with your road bike, mountain bike or gravel bike.
Unicycles, tandem bikes and hand bikes are also allowed.
There is no separate classification for the different types of bikes.

Children between the ages of 8 and 16 are welcome to start at the Glocknerkönig accompanied by a participating adult.
Participation from 16 to 18 years is allowed with the consent of a parent or guardian.

From Bruck to Fuschertörl, over asphalt or cobblestones, with aluminum or carbon frame - with Bikmo your bike, outfit and accessories are always and everywhere perfectly protected.  Train for the Glocknerkönig without worrying about your bike, whether at home or in the sunny south - the insurance cover applies worldwide and around the clock.

You can conclude the contract directly online. Just click on the link and save 5% of the insurance premium.


Entitlement for the 1st starting block is given without exception to participants who completed the Glocknerkönig CLASSIC 2022 or 2019 under 1:45:00 or the Glocknerkönig ULTRA 2022 or 2019 under 1:50:00 or who have a race license valid on the race date. We ask you to send this in advance by mail.

Entitlement for the 2nd starting block is only for participants who completed the Glocknerkönig CLASSIC 2022 or 2019 under 2:00:00 or the Glocknerkönig ULTRA 2022 or 2019 under 2:05:00.

In this 2nd starting block, participants are also allowed to start who have achieved placements in the front field at other renowned races. However, an application must be submitted for this. 

The remaining participants will start in the 3rd starting block.

The allocation to the starting blocks will be done automatically based on the saved race times from 2022 and 2019. 
Requests for exceptions can be entered in writing by e-mail until 20.05.2023. Please attach a screenshot of the result to the e-mail (mark the name or the result).

If requesting an exception, please submit the following information:

  • Official result list of a well-known bike race from the previous or previous year.
  • Transmission of this list by e-mail only
  • No link, but a screenshot with the marked name and ride time

Pre-rankings can only be processed if the above three requirements are met due to the abundance of requests.

The route of the Glocknerkönig runs right through the Hohe Tauern National Park.

At the latest, the breathtaking view during the ascent of the Großglockner should be clear to everyone:
The environment must be protected in order to continue enjoying its beauty.

Environmental protection is very important to us, therefore we have set the following actions:

  • Merchandise shirts made of organic cotton
  • Cups at the Labestadtion made of corn starch
  • Kaiserschmarrn plates are sustainable, because they are made of renewable raw materials and compostable
  • Kaiserschmarrn forks made of FSC® certified wood, biodegradable and compostable
  • Race management car runs on electricity
  • We pay attention to waste separation
  • At least 50% of the garment bags are made of biodegradable material
  • Printed materials are produced in the region

Yes, during the race office hours on Saturday there will be an expo from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. in front of the race office.
Many exhibitors offer Glocknerkönig specials, we are also represented with our merchandise stand.


There is a possibility to buy remaining places (AFTER AVAILABILITY) on Saturday. We cannot guarantee that there will still be bibs available at this time. There will be a late entry fee of + 10,00 EUR on the final price (in total 89 EUR).

Where do I get my starter package?

The starter package can be picked up at the race office on the following days:

Saturday, 03.06.2023 10:00 - 20:00 in the parish hall in Bruck (Glocknerstraße 3)

Sunday, 04.06.2023 05:00 - 06:30 at the Tourist Info Bruck (Raiffeisenstraße 2)

Please take a photo ID with you, a payment or registration confirmation is not necessary.

Please also pay the chip deposit (40 EUR - will be refunded upon return) and the chip rental fee (5 EUR) in cash.

You are welcome to take the starter package for a friend.
Please bring a copy of their photo ID.

The starter package includes the start number with a shrink-wrapped chip for timekeeping.
For the chip you have to pay a chip deposit of 40 EUR and a chip rental of 5 EUR.
The deposit (40 EUR) will be returned to you after the race when you return the chip.
The chip rental fee will be passed on to Datasport and includes the use of the chip.

The next ATM is at the Sparkasse (Glocknerstarsse 22) opposite the race office on Saturday.

On Sunday the next ATM is at the Raiffeisenbank (Glocknerstraße 6 at the village square), also opposite the race office.

You will receive your starter and / or surcharge gift with the voucher from your starter number in the Chiba tent (in front of the race office).

The Stiegl trucks that bring the garment bags to the finish area are located on the grounds of the Agricultural College Bruck near the race office.
You can drop off your garment bag on Saturday between 05:00 p.m. and 08:00 p.m. and on Sunday from 05:30 a.m. to 06:15 a.m..
Light participants can drop off their garment bags at the cashier's office in Ferleiten, at 7:00 a.m. a Stiegl truck will stop there and collect the bags.

It is best to pack a dry and warm change of clothes and a backpack (to carry your race clothes down to the valley) in your garment bag.
Remember to bring windbreakers, hats and gloves even if the weather is fine, as cold temperatures are to be expected in the high mountains (especially on the descent).
Please do not put any valuables in the garment bags. The organizer assumes no liability for the contents.

There are several sports and bike stores in the area:

Directly in the center of Bruck is the Mobile Bicycle Workshop Radschlag and will gladly help you with small repairs. (Glocknerstraße 24, 5671 Bruck an der Großglocknerstraße)

Smaller repairs gladly done Hervis Bruck an der Glocknerstraße (Waagstraße 2, 5671 Bruck an der Glocknerstraße).

The following bike service places are located in the vicinity:

All Glocknerkönig participants receive a voucher for a pasta dish with their starter package.
Each participating establishment has at least one pasta dish worth the voucher on the menu.
If you would like a different pasta dish, use our voucher and pay the difference up.
Drinks have to be paid by yourself.

We ask that you properly dispose of your trash in the trash receptacles provided.

Yes, a team can be re-registered on Saturday in the race office.
Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to do so on Sunday.

Race day

No, for organizational reasons it is not possible to register on race day.
The very last chance to register for the Glocknerkönig is Saturday at the race office, if there are still remaining places.
We cannot guarantee that there will still be race numbers available on Saturday.
There will be a late entry fee of + 10,00 EUR on the last price (in total 89 EUR).

The following parking spaces will be available to participants of the Glocknerkönig during the event on 4.6.2023:

  • Hervis Bruck an der Glocknerstraße, Waagstraße 2, 5671 Bruck an der Glocknerstraße
  • Warehouse Bruck, Gewerbestraße 12, 5671 Bruck
  • ATTENTION: Be sure to keep the gas station and the ATM free! The access must also be possible with a truck!
  • HOFER Bruck, Kaprunerstraße 60, 5671 Bruckan der Glocknerstraße
  • Fussl Modestraße Bruck, Kaprunerstraße 40, 5671 Bruck an der Glocknerstraße
  • Diesel cinema Bruck, Gewerbestraße 2, 5671 Bruck an der Glocknerstraße
  • Krösswang Bruck, Waagstraße 7, 5671 Bruck an der Glocknerstraße
  • ATTENTION: the loading ramps must remain free, because there is also a delivery on Sunday!
  • BILLA, Franz-Lederer-Strasse 26, 5671 Bruck an der Glocknerstrasse

ATTENTION: The parking lot at Maximark in Bruck is unfortunately NOT available for us.

Where can I get a ticket for the visitor bus?

Tickets for the visitor bus will be available on Saturday during race office hours (10:00 to 20:00) in the merchandise tent.
Should remaining seats be available, they can be purchased directly on the bus on Sunday.

Please buy your ticket the day before in the merchandise tent. 
You will find it from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm next to the race office.
In the bus itself, if still available, only remaining seats are available.

Here you can find the departure times of the visitor bus:
06:15 bus stop Maxi Markt
06:25 - 06:40 South entrance of the "Landwirtschaftlichen Fachschule Bruck"
06:45 bus stop village square Fusch

Return trip from Fuschertörl (only with ticket):
1st bus at 10:30 a.m. 
Afterwards: as soon as one bus is full again 
Last bus: 12:00 o'clock

You are welcome to drive your private car to the finish area before the roadblock to give the motivated athletes a proper welcome.
The road is closed from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. from the checkout point Ferleiten to the Edelweißspitze.

That means you have to pass the ticket office BEFORE 7:00 am. A car ticket costs 40 EUR.

For safety reasons it is not allowed to stop your car on the track. A passage to the Fuscher Törl must be guaranteed. 
Attention: Departure is only possible after the roadblock has been lifted.

The following establishments offer an early breakfast:


Sporthotel Kitz from 05:30 am (please book in advance)
Hotel Lukashansl from 05:00 a.m. (no advance booking required)
Hotel Lukasmayr from 05:30 am (please book in advance)
Gasthof Post from 06:00 a.m. (no advance booking required)


Hotel Römerhof from 05:00 a.m. (please book in advance)
Hotel Lampenhäusl from 05:00 a.m. (no advance booking required)
Hotel Wasserfall from 05:45 a.m. (please book in advance)
Hotel Post from 05:00 a.m. (please book in advance)

So you can conquer the Großglockner strengthened.

Unfortunately, team registration is no longer possible on race day.
We ask for your understanding.

Kaprunerstraße between Café Beo and Raiffeisenbank Hohe Tauern as well as Glockernerstraße (Salzachbrücke to crossing Wallackstraße) will be closed on Sunday from 5:00 to 8:00.

Raiffeisenstraße (start area) will be partially closed on Sunday from 5:00 to 16:00 (height of Sporthotel Kitz to Dorfplatz).
The Grossglockner High Alpine Road is closed on Sunday from the cashier's office Ferleiten to the Edelweisspitze from 7:00 to 10:30.

The Classic and Ultra categories start at 7:00 a.m. in Bruck in the town center in front of the Tourist Info (756m above sea level).
The Light distance starts at approx. 07:35 am at the cashier station Ferleiten (1.145m above sea level).

Classic and Ultra:

The further forward you want to be in the starting block, the earlier you have to come. From 6:20 / 6:30 a.m. the starting blocks already start to fill up. 
The starting signal is given at 07:00 a.m., at this time you should already be in the starting block.

If you arrive by car, you have to leave Bruck at 06:40 a.m. at the latest, because after that you will not be able to get to Ferleiten due to the stops along the Glocknerstraße.

If you arrive by car, you have to leave Bruck at 06:40 at the latest, because after that you won't be able to get to Ferleiten due to the stops along the Glocknerstraße.

All Light participants who travel to Ferleiten by car can use the parking lot on the right side in front of the ticket office.

Yes, in Bruck there are several toilets in the starting area.
In Ferleiten you can use the public toilet of the Großglocknerstraße (to the right of the ticket office).

For your safety, the Red Cross will be on duty with four ambulances and two motorcycles.
In addition, there are motorcycles that will act as marshals to help you quickly in case of emergency.

If you are not injured but still can't/won't continue, you will have to wait for the roadblock to be lifted at 10:30 a.m. before heading down into the valley.

If you are unable to continue during the race, please pull over to the side of the road.
If you need help, report to the closing car.
You must wait for the roadblock to be lifted at 10:30 a.m. before you leave, as descents into the valley are not allowed before then.

Our partner SPORT 2000 Simon drives behind the last participant with a breakdown van.
Thus, minor repairs can be carried out directly on site.

Required spare parts have to be paid by yourself.

There is a refreshment stop at the height of Piffkar (1,620 hm).
Isotonic drinks and water are served there.
The refreshment point is approx. 19.3 km from Bruck and 5 km from Ferleiten.

Already before the crossing to the Edelweißspitze both goals are well marked. Go straight to the Fuscher Törl, turn left for the Edelweißspitze.

Directly at the crossroads there are additional marshals who will send you to the right destination based on your start number.

Should it happen that you finish in the wrong place, your time will not be counted.

Exception: As a starter of the Ultra route you have to finish after 10:15 a.m. (grace period) at the Classic finish (Fuscher Törl) and will be rated as a Classic starter.

Classic and Light starters can finish until 11:30 a.m. to be included in the classification.

Ultra starters: Around 300m before the Classic finish, the courses divide.
At this split point, the cut-off time for ultrarunners is 10:15am. 
After 10:15 a.m., all ultrarunners must finish at the Classic finish and will be included in the Classic classification.

If you do not pick up your garment bag at the finish, we will bring it back to the valley.
There you can pick it up at the chip return (in front of the municipal office Bruck).

Yes, there is a toilet trailer at the parking lot of the Fuschertörl and the toilets of the restaurant Fuscher Törl may be used.

Yes, the visitors' buses become changing rooms at the finish.
So you can change in the warm.

Yes, if the weather is nice, Kaiserschmarrn will be served in the finish area.
In addition, there will be tea and isotonic drinks for the finishers, as well as water at the finish line.

You are in the high mountains, so even in nice weather you can expect cold temperatures at the finish and on the descent.

Windbreaker, cap under the helmet, gloves etc. are recommended. In bad weather, appropriate rain and cold protection is strongly recommended.

Continuation to the Edelweißspitze is only possible from 10:30 am.
The road to the Kaiser-Franz-Josefshöhe is free, it is also possible to continue to Heiligenblut.
A chip return for these cases will be possible at the Classic finish line.
A departure back to Bruck is only possible after the roadblock has been lifted (after 10:30 am).

Departure to the valley is possible only from 10: 30 a.m. after the end of the road closure.
Please pack a warm jacket in your garment bag if you have to wait a bit at the top.

The 1st bus leaves right after the road opens, so at 10: 30 a.m., back to the valley.

The other buses leave when they are full.

The last bus leaves at 12:00 a.m.

No, transport to the valley is not possible for logistical reasons.

The only exception is - after consultation - a medical emergency of the respective participant.

The first bus leaves at 10:30 a.m. from Fuscher Törl to Bruck retour.
After that as soon as one bus is full.
The last bus leaves at 12:00 a.m. to the valley.

If your companion misses this bus, a cab must be called.

Unfortunately, there is no public transport on the Salzburg side of the Großglockner.

The Glockner Road is closed to all traffic from Ferleiten to Edelweißspitze from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m..

The stretch from Bruck to Ferleiten is not closed. Delays must be expected, as there will be stops until the crowd of drivers has passed the respective intersections and exits.

Please come to the chip return in front of the municipality in Bruck (start area).
There you will receive your chip deposit (40 EUR) back in exchange for your chip (shrink-wrapped in your race number).

At 02:00 p.m. the award ceremony will take place. If you are not on the podium yourself, your fellow competitors will be happy about motivating, appreciative applause and good mood.

The chip return is in Bruck in front of the municipal office (Raiffeisenstraße 6).
So there, where was started.

Yes, a chip return will be possible at the Classic finish.

The offer is limited and should therefore please only be taken up by participants who depart via the Carinthian side.

The 45,00 EUR paid at the race number pickup is divided into 40,00 EUR chip deposit (you will get it back) and 5,00 EUR chip rental.
The chip rental will be passed on to our partner company Datasport for the use of the timing chips.

If you have lost your chip, which was shrink-wrapped in the race number - for whatever reason - that is not the end of the world.

If the chip was lost before crossing the finish line, you will of course not appear in the results list. 

If it happened afterwards, you will at least be in the list. 
Unfortunately you will not get back the 40,00 EUR chip deposit.

We have organized a massage tent at the village square of Bruck (start area).
There our masseuses will relax your strained calves.

For a fee of 4 EUR you can use the showers at Sportcamp Woferlgut (Krössenbach 40).

We kindly request you NOT to throw your trash (gel, power bar wrappers and banana peels) carelessly on the ground during the ride up.

The Glocknerkönig leads through the middle of the Hohe Tauern National Park.
There are trash receptacles in the finish area that allow for trash separation.
Thank you for your help to protect the environment.

  • This is a joint classification for CLASSIC & ULTRA.
  • There are bonuses for the first three places in the sprint classification in Ferleiten.
  • The NETTO time will be evaluated. The winner is the participant who covers the distance from the start in Bruck to the checkout point Ferleiten in the shortest time.

Course record ULTRA:
Men: 2019 Michael Spögler 1:23:39.4 h

Women: 2018 Esther Fennel 1:41:28.4 h

Course record CLASSIC:
Men: 2005 Roland Stauder 1:15:15.3 h

Women: 2019 Christina Rausch 1:26:08,0 h

Course record LIGHT:
Men: 2014 Martin Schider 52:38,5 min

Women: 2015 Doris Posch 1:02:47,1 h

On the course you will be photographed by our partner Marathon Photos.
These can be purchased online after the race.

The award ceremony will be photographed by the local photographer Foto Christine.

For safety reasons, only registered participants can drive the [applied for with the authorities (district administration) or the road owner (Großglockner Hochalpenstraße AG)]. route = village square Bruck to Fuschertörl/Edelweißspitze. Cyclists without a start number are not allowed during the event.
We appeal here to your understanding and fairness.

Ultra: course length 28.9 km with maximum 15% gradient and 1,815 vertical meters
course length 27.3 km with maximum 12% gradient, 1,672 vertical meters

Light: course length 12.8 km with maximum 12% gradient, 1,283 vertical meters

Ultra: course length 28.9 km with maximum 15% gradient and 1,815 vertical meters
Classic: course length 27.3 km with maximum 12% gradient, 1,672 vertical meters

Light: course length 12.8 km with maximum 12% gradient, 1,283 vertical meters

All results will be published on our website after the award ceremony.

All results will be published on our website after the award ceremony (race day).

The award ceremony will take place at 2:00 p.m. in the music pavilion (next to the municipal office Bruck).

The award ceremony will take place at 2:00 p.m. in the music pavilion (next to the municipal office Bruck).

Let's celebrate the top performances of the winners together with short interviews, atmospheric music and best mood. 

Cool drinks and refreshments will be provided by the Sporthotel Kitz. For all those who would like to take a piece of Glocknerkönig home with them, the merchandise tent will be ready. 
We look forward to honoring this year's winners in a fitting setting.

What comes next

Registration for the next Glocknerkönig opens in December.
All this year's participants will be informed by means of a newsletter.
On our website, Instagram- and Facebookpage we announce the date in advance.

Write us an email to, we will inquire for you at the lost and found office, at the Großglocknerstraße and all hosts in the region.

Yes, for the Glocknerkönig 2023 every participant can print his personal certificate online after the race.
>>HERE<< you will find the link to print the certificate.

You have a question that has not yet been answered on this page?
We will be happy to answer it personally.
Write us an e-mail to