Questions & answers

  • Can I register for the Glocknerkönig on the Saturday or Sunday before the race?
    Sorry, not any more. Please read about the deadline in the race information section.
  • I can prove that I have always been in the leading positions in other bike races and would therefore like to start in the 1st start block for the Glocknerkönig.
    The 1st start block is only for those who achieved a time of 1:45:00 or under in the Glocknerkönig 2018 or 2019. In 2022 this limit also applies to the ULTRA starters. Only in exceptional cases where evidence is available of good rankings in other renowned races is a position in the 1st start block possible. Please send the appropriate official results lists to us by e-mail. The decision whether you may start in the 1st block rests with the race organisers. This measure is necessary in order to avoid the 1st block becoming too big. We ask for your understanding.
  • When does the bus return for non-participants?
    The first bus down leaves as soon as the road is open, so at 10.30 a.m.. Subsequent buses depart as necessary, when they are full.
  • Is bike transport on the buses available down into the valley?
    No, for logistical reasons bike transport down is not available. The only exception would be a medical emergency.
  • Glocknerkönig weather
    The Glocknerkönig takes place whatever the weather, even if there is snow in the mountains. Relevant weather information will be given in the start area over the PA system. Participants can then decide themselves whether to take part or not. Weather forecasts are published by many online weather services in advance. In recent years such general weather information services have proved to be completely unreliable. Please take your information about the Glocknerkönig weather exclusively from our homepage. The forecast is produced by serious weather services and from local people with mountain experience. An accurate forecast for the high mountains is only possible on Thursday before the race at the earliest.