Glocknerkönig E-Bike

Glocknerkönig E-Bike

The E-Bike event is offered as a guest category. There are no placings or rankings, in the results table the E-Bikers’ times are simply listed.


E-Bikes are bicycles with electric motor support. Riders must pedal in order for the electric motor to support the energy input by the rider. Tests have shown that a full battery is sufficient to last from Ferleiten to the finish. If however you succumb to the temptation of using maximum motor support, then you will run out of battery before the finish.


It is therefore important in the Glocknerkönig E-Bike category to manage your available battery power with your own efforts so as to be able to get to the finish.


The following standards apply for E-Bike participants:

  • E-Bikes start at the Ferleiten ticket offices
  • Only normal E-Bikes with a maximum 500 W output are permitted
  • Start at 07:15, before the classic categories
  • Start number is coloured green
  • A change of battery during the ride is not permitted. This is to ensure that every E-Bike rider cannot just ride using electric support but must primarily use their own muscle power.



  • Start: Ferleiten toll point (1,115m) at 7:15 – before the classic categories
  • Finish: Fuschertörl Gedenkkapelle at 2445m.
  • Distance: 12.5 km
  • Maximum gradient: 12%
  • Height difference: 1,330 vertical metres


  • The E-Bike category is offered as a guest category. There is no separate ranking.
  • Riding times are listed in the results table
  • E-Bike participants can avail themselves of all the services included in the entry fee

The first 100 to enter (Ultra & Classic & Light & E-Bike) will be at a special “early bird” rate of €39.90.


  • Entry with payment received up to 31.12.2018    € 44
  • Entry with payment received up to 31.01.2019    € 53
  • Entry with payment received up to 30.04.2019    € 59
  • Entry with payment received up to 20.05.2019    € 69
  • Organisation
  • Start gift
  • Road closure for the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße to all traffic
  • Voucher for pasta party
  • Fresh “Kaiserschmarrn” and tea at the finish
  • Start number as a souvenir
  • Massage
  • Kitbag transport to the finish 



Computer chip timing provided by Fa. Datasport – Switzerland. N.B. New: the chip is moulded into your start number. Chip rental: €5, chip activation: €40 (refunded after the event). If the chip is returned by post after the race, €20 will be refunded (processing fee).

  • On the village square in Bruck – Raiffeisenbank
  • Start number collection on Saturday 01.06.2019 from 10:00 - 20:00
  • Sunday 02.06.2019 from 05:00 - 06:00