Glocknerkönig 2024 – Team rankings

A team consists of at least 4 people and a maximum of 10 people.

The best four riders are ranked. There is a separate team classification for the CLASSIC & ULTRA.
All team members must be registered in the same category!
No team classification is possible for the Light category.


On the Datasport registration page, the "Name for team registration" is requested.
This field is optional and must only be completed by participants who also wish to be categorised in the team classification.
IMPORTANT: The team name must be spelt exactly the same by all team members. 
Assistance: Once a team name has been assigned, the team name will be suggested as soon as you start to enter a name.

If you have already registered individually and would like to join a team, you can enter this yourself. 
To do this, click on the link in your registration confirmation. You can use this link to change your personal details, add team names or change the category.