Glocknerkönig Registration 2022

  • All with "entry fee transfer" from 2020 or 2021 are already registered for 2022.
  • Registration for the Glocknerkönig is managed by Firma Datasport, our timing management company.
  • At the time of registration you pay the entry fee and choose your starting gift. There are various methods of payment available.
  • A few minutes after the registration process, you receive an e-mail with confirmation.
  • You therefore spare yourself the trouble of going to the bank and have your confirmation of registration on your computer.


If you choose the option of “online transfer”, a small transaction fee applies.

You appear on the starter list once we have received the entry fee. This can take different amounts of time depending on the bank and country.

Payment is accepted by credit card, EC, Maestro etc..

General registration information

  • Registration is only possible by paying the entry fee as part of the registration process.
  • Any additions or deletions made on the registration form are invalid.
  • You are hereby registering for the event "GLOCKNERKÖNIG" in BRUCK FUSCH | GROSSGLOCKNER and consent to adhere to the competition rules and organisation guidelines as detailed on our homepage
  • Registration deadline is 31.05.2022. Later registrations are only possible directly at the race office. There is the possibility to purchase remaining places on Saturday (04.06.2022) as well as on Sunday (05.06.2022). We cannot guarantee that there will still be race numbers available at this time. A late entry fee of + 10,00 EUR on the final price (in total 85 EUR) will be charged.

competition rules and organisational guidelines

By submitting an online registration for the 25. Glocknerkönig on the 5. June 2022 you (the participant) agree to the following competition rules and organisational guidelines:

  • The Covid-19 regulation in effect at this time must be strictly adhered to.
    (Unfortunately, it is not yet foreseeable to what extent the regulation will change and what consequence this will have for our event. For example, there may be changes to the procedures, locations, participant limits, G specifications, etc. Currently we expect 3G (fully vaccinated, recovered in the last 180 days or tested) and a participant limit).

  • You hereby confirm that there is no medical reason why I should not take part and that your condition of health and training is appropriate to the demands of the competition. You are aware of the health and other dangers associated with the competition, and understand that you take part in the event at your own risk.

  • You confirm that you will not make any legal claims or demands against the event organiser, staff, associations, or any councils or other persons or bodies concerned, insofar as liability insurance claims do not exist.
  • You hereby declare that you are willing to accept possible medical treatment.
  • No claims for compensation will be met in the case of force majeure, postponement, shortening of the route, or cancellation.
  • Entry fees cannot be refunded. The only exceptions being the non-acceptance of the registration, or illness certified by a doctor. Please send an official medical certificate to and you will receive a voucher to take part in next year’s Glocknerkönig event.
    > In case of Covid-related cancellations (due to a participant limit) or the cancellation of the event (due to regulation or official requirements) we offer you again the possibility to transfer back the entry fee.
  • The starter information in the starter envelope must be read carefully by each participant. Furthermore, all announcements before, during or after the race and the rules of conduct given there are to be followed.
  • You are aware that Austrian road rules apply throughout the event.
  • The Großglockner road will be closed to traffic between the Ferleiten toll point and Fuschertörl. However, there may be vehicles of the organizing committee, emergency organizations or the press on the route. In addition, downhill cyclists are to be expected. Riders must therefore ride on the right hand side of the road.
  • You will follow any instructions given by officials and doctors.
  • Helmets must be worn.
  • No e-bikes are allowed, participants with an e-bike will be disqualified on the spot and taken out of the race. In this case, the entry fee cannot be returned.
  • Approx. 200 m from the start (classic + ultra) is a narrow section at the subway. The race car will not start the race until AFTER the underpass.
  • Each participant must have an individual insurance policy taken out with an insurance company licensed in Austria, which covers the legal liability for personal injury and property damage including appropriate health insurance, in an amount appropriate for such events.
  • If the race car’s indicators are flashing, it must NOT be overtaken (otherwise disqualification will occur).
  • The organiser accepts no liability for the content of kit bags, for any damage or loss. No valuables should be put in the bags.
  • Participation in the Glocknerkönig ends for the participant with leaving the finish area at the Fuschertörl (Classic, Light) or on the Edelweissspitze (Ultra) as well as with the premature abandonment of the race.
  • You agree that the data you provide will be recorded and used for circulars and the sending of invitations to tender and advertising, among other things. The right of revocation applies at any time. 
  • Your personal data will be transmitted with the registration to our time management company Datasport in Switzerland. Both Datasport and the Glocknerkönig guarantee that this data will not be passed on to third parties. Only your name, year, nation and if applicable your team will be published on the start and result lists.
  • Drugs and doping are prohibited (unannounced controls are possible).
  • Before participating, you must familiarise yourself with the race course, facilities, equipment and areas belonging to the event. Should you come to the conclusion that there is a safety risk, race performance must be made aware of this immediately. 
  • For underage participants, the parent or legal guardian confirms the competition regulations and organisational guidelines by registering. The starting documents will only be issued to minors if accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • At the Glocknerkönig, photos and films are taken. This material is published to present our activities in the online (website, social media) and print areas (press work, folders, etc.). Please inform us, if we are not allowed to publish your pictures: 
  • Our partner receives the names and e-mail addresses of the participants so that personal pictures can be offered after the event. You can object to this use of data directly during registration in order not to receive any photos. 
  • Salvatory Clause: If individual terms of the registration (=contract), race rules or organisational guidelines become ineffectual or impossible, or become so after agreement of the contract, other elements remain in force. In place of the elements that have become ineffectual or impossible, effective and possible replacements will take effect that match them as nearly as possible to achive the business aim that the contractual partners had agreed on with the former elements. The aforementioned terms remain in effect if there seem to be any gaps in the contract.